Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just Like in the Movies

Remember that one time that the Rebels blew up the Death Star and Darth Vader had to build a new one?

Something like that happened here.



Lex had been standing on a stool at Connor's dresser and playing nicely with the Lego Death Star while Connor and I played Catan at his little table.  Everything was going very well, until the Death Star accidentally slipped off the dresser and landed on the floor.  No longer intact.

Connor couldn't believe it.

And before he could get upset I made him pose with the wreckage and remember the time that Darth Vader's first Death Star got blown up.  We were living a life just like the movie.  Well almost.

Connor was quick to remind us that it had taken him 38 days to build it the first time.  Connor was four years old at the time, which is how old Lex is now.  So I guess it is time for Lex to start building Death Stars, too.

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