Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pinewood Derby

This past weekend was the Pinewood Derby for Connor's Cub Scout Pack.

(Goodness, Lex!  I mean, really!)

He built his car pretty much by himself.  He was so proud, he came to me and told me all about how Daddy let him use the jig saw all by himself!  I tried to smile and look pleased and not like I was having a heart attack.

In reality, he did a great job.  He only got a little bit of red spray paint on one pair of pants.  That's not a big deal.


He was so proud of his car.  He picked out Lego Egyptian stickers to decorate it.  There are Lego Pharaohs, Lego Mummies and Lego Scarabs on that car.

When we got to the derby, we had to check in Connor's car.  It had to weigh 5 oz or less.  The scale we had been using at home was my analog kitchen scale.  It was 5 oz.  No problem.

The scale they were using to check in the cars at the derby was a digital scale with two decimal points!  Connor's car weighed in at 5.05 oz!  It was .05 ounces too heavy!

So we borrowed a pocket knife (Cub Scout dads are always prepared) and I scraped some paint and a little bit of wood off of the front fender.  I didn't have any idea how much I should take off, so after a bit we went to have the car re-weighed so we would know how close we were getting.  It was exactly 5.00 oz the second time, so we checked it in!


This is a nice blurry photo of Connor's Tiger Cub Den:

Pinewood derby

The race track really was impressive.  It had four lanes with an automatic gate so that all four cars would start at the same time.  There was a sensor at the bottom that automatically registered the time that the car crossed the finish line.  The whole thing was hooked up to a computer that was displayed on two large projection screens.  Very fancy.  Very high tech.  I always knew that Cub Scouts took the pinewood derby seriously, and now I can attest first hand that it is true.

Here is a video of one of the heats of the race.  I think Connor's car came in second place during this one.

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