Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscar Sunday 2014


Remember that one time when I set the kitchen on fire while making appetizers to serve at our Red Carpet Oscar viewing party?  It was 2011.  You can read about it here.

Well, it turns out that if there is going to be a day when I set my kitchen on fire, it's going to be Oscar Sunday.  Because this year, I tried to do it again.

You see, I set about cleaning up the kitchen.  I loaded the dishwasher, as per usual.  I turned the dishwasher on, and left.  There's no need to babysit the thing while it washes the dishes.  Or so I thought.

It turned out that this time, I should have stayed by it.  Kevin came in the kitchen a little while later, and smelled something burning.  It was pretty obvious that it was the dishwasher, so we cut the power at the breaker box, and when I opened it up, it was full of smoke.  AND dirty dishes, which is kind of like adding insult to injury.  The darn thing could have caught fire AFTER cleaning the dishes, I mean, right?

But since no one got hurt, and there was no damage beyond the apparently busted dishwasher, we carried on with our regularly scheduled Oscar Sunday.  With paper plates and plastic forks.

We filled out ballots.


This year, Connor was in charge of scoring all the ballots.  Kevin won with the most correct picks, but Lex totally usurped his statue.


Oh, wait, Mommy!  I have an idea for a better picture!  


 Much better.  Right?

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