Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In Which We Go to the Eye Doctor

...and order Lex's 6th pair of glasses.

Lex has been wearing glasses since he was three.  It's been a little less than 2 years.  In that time, he has gone through a lot of pairs of glasses.

The first pair was ruined when he rubbed them on our concrete driveway to dry them off while playing in the sprinkler.  They were too scratched up to see through after that.

The second pair of glasses is actually what he is wearing right now, but they are an old prescription.  They are the last surviving pair of back-up glasses.

The third pair of glasses got stepped on in the LAX airport, and the frame broke.  I put them back together using a Phineas and Ferb bandaid that I had in my purse.  Fortunately, we were on the way home from vacation.

The fourth pair of glasses got ruined when some chemical(s) got on the lenses and made them too cloudy to see through.  I think it was either sunscreen or antibacterial hand soap that had little scrubby beads in it, or the combination of both, because I know that both had been on them recently.

I thought that the fifth pair of glasses was pretty clever, actually.  Since all of these glasses have been the same design, only in different colors, we constructed the fifth pair of glasses using the good lenses from pair number 3, and the good frames from pair number 4.  It was done at the glasses place in about 10 minutes, and it was free.  I thought I was a genius.


And then the frame on that pair of glasses broke, like three days later.  Lex was playing and he brought me his glasses because there was only one lens in them.

So, Lex had to wear his old back up glasses, and he went to visit the eye doctor today.

Up until today, he has picked out the same Mickey Mouse glasses every time, just in different colors.  Today, however, he picked out a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pair of glasses.  They are red and black and have Raphael on them.  He's so excited to get them, and they should be ready in a few days.

Parents of small children in glasses be warned:  get the warranty.  We're going through glasses at the rate of three pairs per year.  Most insurance plans aren't that generous, but mine can't be the only kid who is that rough on his glasses.

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