Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Roller Skating!

There is a roller skating rink right across the street from our apartment complex. (You know, next to the golf course and driving range.  You can actually hear the base from the music at the roller rink while you are on the driving range.  It's really loud.)

This past weekend, one of their friends had a birthday party at the roller rink.


This was the very first time either one of them had ever been roller skating.  This photo was taken right after I got their skates on, and Lex fell down the first two times he tried to stand up.

It turns out that roller skating is really hard.  Also, I should have worn my boots and not sandals, because my poor toes kept getting run over while I was trying to help them learn.

The party was two hours long, and there was a break for cake and ice cream in the middle.  But, by the end, they had gotten the hang of it a little bit:

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