Monday, June 2, 2014

New Crocs


The boys got new Crocs for the summer.


Connor got a new pair of LEGO Crocs.  Last year he got the blue ones.  This year he picked the black pair.  He's still wearing size Junior 1 in Crocs.  He picked a skull and cross bones Jibbit for one shoe, and a tank for the other.  The tank lights up with red, white and blue lights when he walks.


Lex picked a pair of blue robot shark Crocs that light up when he walks.  The teeth light up white and the eyes light up red.  They are actually pretty awesome.  He still likes to have Jibbits that match on both shoes, and this time he picked a set of Batman Jibbits to decorate his shoes.  He's wearing Children's size 11 this year.

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