Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Soccer Report

This weekend there was a reasonable amount of sports: Connor had one soccer game on Saturday and Lex had one soccer game on Sunday.  This is a dramatic decrease from past weekends that have had five or six games, and I enjoyed it so much more!  Next weekend will be the same.  It will also be the last weekend for spring soccer.


Connor's game was early Saturday morning, before it had a chance to get hot.  It was actually one of the most perfect soccer games we've had, weather-wise.  It was pretty breezy, sunny and about 75 degrees.


Connor got to play goalie for a little bit at the beginning of the game.

Then he switched to forward.


I overheard him talking to his friend about his upcoming birthday party.  He's excited!


Connor with the corner kick.


Lex's game was late Sunday afternoon, and it was 95+ degrees outside.  It was sunny and hot!



Lex scored a goal, but it was one of those times when all the kids were clustered together and it was kinda hard to see who had actually kicked the ball from the sidelines.  But he was happy, and our team was happy.

And that wraps up our weekend soccer report for this week.

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