Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School Shopping

Last night we went shopping for Back-to-School supplies.  The kids felt like they were missing out on this phenomenon by not going to school, and it was really easy to satisfy them by just taking them to the store.

They each bought a new backpack, some crayons, a pencil box, pencils, notebooks, folders and paper.  They picked everything out themselves and stayed way under the budget I gave them.


I told him to say "stinky alphabet" instead of "cheese" and he laughed right as I took this photo.



By Connor (and Mommy, although he wouldn't give me a credit!)


Our Blessed Journey said...

my girls were feeling neglected in that department, about four years ago....only it wasn't the school supply shopping experience that troubled was the lack of having their own lockers...yes, I ran out and found "something" that would serve as school lockers for them:)

Anne Gregor said...

Being a practical mom, I shop online for my kids school supplies. We recently discovered a one stop shop that offers great discounts. You too might want to check them out --

Hope this helps.