Friday, August 22, 2014

This is how we do summer

Dear Connor and Lex,

I don't want you to forget how much fun you are having this summer.

A week ago we bought you a Nintendo.  Two nights ago, we were thisclose to beating Super Mario Bros. U, and you asked if you could stay awake until midnight or until we beat it.

So at 9:00 PM, I made chocolate chip cookies.  By 9:30, you were falling asleep on the couch while playing.  So after some milk and cookies, you went to bed, and we beat Super Mario Bros. U first thing the next morning.  Less than a week of playing, and you guys have already beat your first video game.

Yesterday you had a water balloon and water gun fight with a friend, and somehow I got involved (when Lex dumped a bucket of water on my head).  You may have gotten completely soaked when I started dumping water on you, but I assure you that it was fun.

You watched E.T. with Daddy for the first time.  Your favorite part was when Elliot told his older brother, "Shut up, penis breath!"  Not my favorite part, but I'm not a little boy, so I guess that accounts for it.

And then we went roller skating.

And we let you take the entire month of August as a vacation from piano lessons.

So there.  Fun summer.

Love you both,


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