Friday, August 29, 2014

Getting Ready for School

I bought some more things for our homeschool for this fall:


What did I buy? 

Three games:  Zoom Around Town (a strategy and critical thinking game), Sight Word Space Station, and Pizza Party ("A Versatile Fraction Game").

Some outer-space themed sticker progress reward charts.  Because they are awesome.

A Cause & Effect workbook.  For Connor.

Spanish alphabet flashcards.

Compound word picture cards.

Two Slide & Spell manipulatives.

Two non-fiction story books that go along with the ones that I bought earlier this summer.

Not pictured:  An awesome United States coloring book that I bought from another member of the homeschool group that I joined.  For $1.00.

For our online programs, we are planning to use for Lex for kindergarten.  Connor picked Go Math Academy for his online math program, and I'm also going to get us a subscription to Brain Pop, Jr. for all the other subjects.

I'm planning to subscribe to the Magic School Bus monthly science kit delivery program.

I think that's enough for now, but probably around October I am going to add in a few more things for Connor, like a spelling program (Spelling You See) and a geography program (Legends & Leagues).

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