Monday, August 11, 2014

In which history repeats itself

Connor lost another tooth.

This is a mouth missing three teeth.

But it wasn't quite as innocent as all that.

You see, Lex kicked him in the face, and another one of his wiggly teeth came out, along with copious amounts of blood.

Are you having deja vu?  Because I am.

At least this time I didn't have to get the dentist involved.

Then, because I didn't want Connor to loose his tooth in the many hours before bed time, I set it carefully on the counter (after washing off the blood) and sent Connor to his room to build a LEGO tooth holder to keep it safe.


Here is the LEGO tooth safe that Connor built.  It took him about two minutes to construct, and I swear to the Tooth Fairy that his tooth vanished into thin air directly from the counter top during that time.  This exact spot on the counter, actually.

Why do we keep losing teeth?  What is it about this place that makes them suddenly disappear?

I mean, it was right there on the counter.  I even looked at it during the two minutes Connor was building the LEGO tooth safe, but when I looked again, it was gone.  GONE!

It's enough to make a person crazy.  That and the fact that Lex is knocking all of Connor's teeth out.  I mean, I know that they are loose anyways, but what if this trend continues after the baby teeth?  Fail.

So, Connor had to write another note to the Tooth Fairy explaining that he lost another tooth.


He wrote it entirely by himself this time.


It says, "Lost another tooth.  I mean lost lost.  This is a letter to the Tooth Fairy." 

My favorite part is the seven-year-old-boy handwriting.  That, and the ending.  In case there was any confusion as to the business purpose of this note.

And let's face it, the business purpose of the note was to ensure that the Tooth Fairy didn't skip over his toothless pillow.  It worked:


This kid is getting rich of off his lost teeth.

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