Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cincinnati Reds

While we were in Ohio celebrating the 4th of July, we went to a Cincinnati Reds game.

And we used Grandma Ella's selfie stick to take a whole lot of selfies.


My kids love to take selfies.  This morning, actually, Lex was running around the house taking "pretend selfies" and then pretending to post them, saying things like, "slash dot cutestpuppyever."  That is, until Connor informed him that he shouldn't use a "slash dot," but a hashtag instead.

Slash dot


After we got bored of the selfie stick and Grandma put it away, we proceeded to eat.  For like, the entire baseball game.


Connor loves Skyline hotdogs with cheese, and he hasn't had any since we moved to Texas.  He ate them both.


Lex stole Grandpa's popcorn as soon as he bought it, and then gave it back when there was only the kernels left at the end.  Also, peanuts, double cheeseburgers, malts and cotton candy by the bucket.


Oh, and the Reds played baseball, too.



Every time the Reds pitcher struck out the batter, big flames shot out of these two towers.  That was pretty awesome.


No, the home team didn't win.  Yes, it was a shame.  But it was a good time, and I think the kids will remember it as a good experience.


Even if they did get a tummy ache from all that junk food later that night.

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