Thursday, July 16, 2015

Driving from Ohio to Texas

So when we were planning our trip to Ohio for Independence Day, I said that we should go ahead and drive, because we had never driven from Ohio to Texas before.  But it turned out that we have gone on so many other trips that the only part of the drive that was new was between Oklahoma City and Cuba, Missouri.  And do you know what is in between Oklahoma City and Cuba, Missouri?  Not much.

Nonetheless, after we drove to Ohio, we had to drive back home again.


Handsome Husband





I bought the kids a bunch of new movies for this trip.  


I might have overdone it a little, because they didn't actually get to watch all of them during the drive there and back.

In general, we put a ton of miles on my SUV.  Not just on this trip.

We hit 200,000 miles on the second day of driving home.

Oh, guess what is actually between Oklahoma City and Cuba, Missouri?  My brother!


We stopped and had a nice lunch at Rib Crib with my brother and his wife.

Lex and Connor each ordered a footlong corn dog.  Which they then proceeded to use as swords and beat each other with.  Boys.

For some reason, we decided to rename Uncle Chris and call him Uncle Feast.  Which was epic.  But then, for some other reason, Lex decided to rename him again, and call him Uncle Foot.  Which was funny.

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