Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Apparently the Tooth Fairy pays extra when your brother rips your tooth out while you are swimming at a pool party.

Alternatively titled:  Twenty Bucks

Yeah, you read that right.

What is the percentage of teeth that Connor has lost that have fallen out naturally?  What percentage have been kicked out, punched out or pulled out violently by the little brother?

I'm afraid to go back through the blog entries to check.  I'm afraid it's going to look really bad.

But honestly?  It seems to happen all the damn time.

Lex really has it coming to him when he starts to loose his teeth.  I mean, what can I really say when Connor just goes ahead and yanks/pulls/knocks them out?

Tooth fairy
But first, let me take a selfie.

So, this time.  We were at a pool party.  There was a DJ.  It was loud and sunny and splashy and fun.  The kids were in the pool and they were playing.  And then I watched it happen, but I'm still not sure exactly what happened.  Lex was on Connor's back and his fingers were in Connor's mouth, and then he just grabbed and pulled and then there was blood so I made Connor get out of the pool and his tooth was just gone.

Sidebar:  Have you ever been swimming in the pool and stepped on a tooth?  Totally gross, right?  And you wonder how on earth a random tooth came to be in the pool...

It could have been worse.  At least it was a tooth that was a little bit loose.  Not that it was going to come out in the next week kinda loose, but loose.

And then we went home.  Because you can't swim while bleeding freely from the gums.  Nor can you eat pizza.  Don't worry, he had already had three or four pieces of pizza, and I grabbed another two on a paper plate and brought them home for him to eat later.


In other news, Connor asked for a new toothbrush.  He wanted a fancy electric one like the ones that Daddy and I have.  He's got the grown up teeth, and now he has a grown up toothbrush to keep them clean.

Tooth fairy

Of course he picked out the black model.  And now's there's a photo of a toothbrush on my blog.  Just keeping it real.

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