Thursday, September 17, 2015

LBJ Presidential Library

Welcome, again, to the latest edition of our Summer Vacation Museum Series.

Okay, so this time I took the kids to the University of Texas.  We ate lunch at Which Wich on campus, which is a great place to get a sandwich.

Then we did some sightseeing.


This is the University of Texas Tower.


Then we visited the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum, which is located right on campus.


In case you are keeping count, this is the fourth presidential library that we have been to visit.


Here are the kids with LBJ...


...and his presidential limo.


Here's Connor getting a taste of the Johnson Treatment.


I really liked this mural.



Connor thought that this exhibit showing all the presidents alongside their wives was fascinating.  He was disappointed that the vice presidents and their wives weren't shown too.  I think one of these days that would be a really great project for him to put together.


The Presidential Library:


We didn't actually visit the library part.  We stuck to the museum exhibits.


The kids were glad to see an AK-47 on display.  They had looked for one all over the Texas Military Forces Museum and never found one, so this made up for that.  It was on display in the Vietnam War section.


Another part of the museum that really caught their interest was the section devoted to the Apollo moon missions.


This moon rock was brought to Earth as a result of the Apollo 15 mission in 1971.


This is the lifetime pass that the NFL gave to LBJ and Lady Bird.  It's good for admission to any and all NFL games.  Connor was wondering if all presidents got a pass like this.  I don't believe so.  This solid gold pass was awarded to LBJ because he was president during the first NFL Superbowl.  (Which he didn't attend.)


I particularly love the china pattern that Lady Bird Johnson designed.  She worked with Tiffany & Co., so it's no wonder I love it.  I would love to have a replica pattern for my own use.  Unfortunately, I don't think that's a thing that is done with the White House china patterns.


LBJ's Oval Office



A recreation of Lady Bird's Office


And finally, I will leave you with these awesome cowboy boots with the Presidential Seal on them.  Because Texas.

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