Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So, this one time, we went to visit Philadelphia.


It turns out that Philadelphia is a really beautiful city, and there are tons of fun things to do.

There are also plenty of educational fun things to do, and we were able to relate a lot of the things that we saw to homeschooling.  Very easily.


Like we learned all about Ben Franklin.  He's all over that city.  And for good reason.  Ben Franklin was a great guy!  In fact, Connor is a little bit disappointed that Ben Franklin was never a President of our country.  Nevermind all that other stuff he did.  He was definitely a Founding Father.


And the Liberty Bell.  That's in Philadelphia, too.


Okay, fine.  That's just a poster.  But we did see the Liberty Bell for real later in the trip.  Stay tuned for that.


Oh, and Rocky.  That movie was filmed in Philadelphia, and we ran into Rocky a few times during our trip, too.  How do you like Lex's Rocky impersonation?


All the guys with Rocky.
Because Philadelphia.


Did you know that Philadelphia is so great that even the Pope likes to visit?


You may consider this as our introduction to the great city of Philadelphia.  We did so many great things and saw so many wonderful things and I have so many fabulous photos from our trip.  Hopefully I will finish telling you all about it before next year.

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