Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In Which Lex Takes Violin Lessons

A few weeks ago, Lex suddenly informed us that he wanted to learn to play the violin.  I don't know why, or where he got the idea.  But, we looked around for a place for him to take violin lessons, and everything was full.

So we waited.  Finally, he got a spot!  So, we signed him all up, and the day before his lesson, I informed him that we were going to get him a violin so that he could start lessons.

He threw the world's biggest fit.

He didn't want to play violin anymore.

Well, since there is no negotiating with tiny terrorists, and because we had waited so long to even get him in the class, we decided to go through with it.  I got him a violin.  He cried the entire time he was getting sized and picking it out.  The girl at the music shop was so nice, she never even mentioned the fact the Lex was crying silently the entire time.  She just kept on selling us a violin.

So, he got a half-size violin, and we went home.

Then he changed his mind again.

That night, when I was tucking him into bed, he told me that he was so excited about his violin lessons the next day.

Kids.  Violins.  Ugh.

So, we went to his first lesson, and he informed the teacher (who happens to be the daughter of his piano teacher - we live in a small town) that he if didn't like her lessons, he wouldn't come back.

But, he loved it.  He loved it so much, and he looked forward to his second lesson for an entire week.

Here he is before his second lesson this afternoon:

Winter 2016 activities

And if anything, the second lesson was better than the first.

I think that we have a fully-dedicated violin student in the family.

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