Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Connor woke us all up bright and early on Easter morning so that he could find his eggs and get into his basket.  7:00 AM is way early, y'all.



This year there were two special eggs hidden with all the rest.  There was one golden egg and one silver egg.

Lex found the golden egg, and Connor found the silver egg.  They had money inside.


There was also lots of candy.  And some Pokemon cards.




There were LEGO mini figures, too.


Connor ended up with an astronaut, and Lex got a pro wrestler guy.



Later on in the day, we took turns hiding the empty golden egg for each other to find, just for fun.  But then someone hid it in the oven, and forgot to tell us to look for it?  Of course I partially melted it when I made dinner, because I preheated the oven before opening it.  I was super surprised when I opened the oven to roast my veggies and there was a melty golden egg inside!

Fortunately, the egg is mostly okay.  The oven is okay.  The house didn't burn down.  But now we know that we aren't allowed to hide things in the oven.  Like ever.  Not even on Easter.

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