Monday, April 11, 2016

Feed, Clothe, Love (and Lift) with Rich Froning

This weekend, Mission 2540 hosted a fundraising event for their charity.  It was a crossfit competition.  I had never really known anything about crossfit until a few weeks ago, when Kevin and I watched the movie Froning about Rich Froning, who has won the World Crossfit Championship four times in a row, and is considered to be the fittest man alive.  It's a pretty good movie.

Well, Rich Froning and his cousin were going to be competing in the fundraising competition, so I decided to take the kids to watch.  First, I let them watch the movie on Thursday so that they would have some idea about what crossfit was, and who Rich Froning was.  Then, on Friday night I took them over to Crossfit (806) to see the first half of the competition.


I took a quick video while Rich Froning was lifting.  He's in the blue shirt and red shorts.

After this heat, they auctioned off his shirt and his shoes.  It was kinda funny because by the end he was standing there in just his shorts and socks.

Then, I took the kids to see the second half of the competition on Saturday morning.  It was held on the rooftop of a parking garage in downtown Amarillo, which seemed weird at first, but was totally okay once we were there.

Feed, Clothe, Love (and Lift) with Rich Froning, Amarillo Mission 2540

The kids even got to meet Rich Froning, and his cousin/teammate Darren Hunsucker.

Feed, Clothe, Love (and Lift) with Rich Froning, Amarillo Mission 2540
Lex, Rich and Connor

They were totally great with the kids, and they really took the time to talk with them.  They asked them what their names where, how old they were, what sports they played and just talked to them for a while.  Afterwards, Lex said, "Rich and Darren were just the nicest guys."  It was great.

Feed, Clothe, Love (and Lift) with Rich Froning, Amarillo Mission 2540
Lex, Darren and Connor

And then we all ate fajitas together for lunch.  And they were really tasty, too.  Connor and Lex both agreed that the chicken fajitas were better than the steak.

In the car on the way home, Lex informed me that he is going to start doing crossfit, and it is his life's goal to beat Rich Froning.  He is going to grow up and win more Crossfit World Championships than he did.

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