Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Shoes

I bought Connor new shoes the day after Easter.  Hang on, let me check a calendar.  That was March 28th.

Well, he complained that the new shoes were too small already and hurting his feet.  So on Friday of last week, I bought him new shoes again.  That was April 8th.

If you aren't too good with calendar math, I will help you: I had to buy him new shoes two times in 12 days.  Less than a fortnight.

Once we got his newest shoes home, I realized that they looked pretty big.  Like big enough to fit me.  So, I tried them on, and they fit!  Connor's shoes fit me!

So, just out of curiosity, I decided to try on the March 28th shoes.  They didn't fit me, and that makes sense since they don't fit Connor anymore either.  His feet just exploded.  Growing like a weed, as they say.

Feed, Clothe, Love (and Lift) with Rich Froning, Amarillo Mission 2540

That green and blue sneaker on the left is Connor's newest shoe, size 4 in young men's.  The pink and yellow sneaker on the right is mine, size 7.5 in women's.  Apparently they are the same size.

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