Thursday, April 7, 2016

Goodbye, Ants

Today, the ant farm and approximately 8 ants met their untimely demise.

Lex had set his beloved ant farm on the tv stand, which swivels, and today when I moved the tv angle, the edge of the tv met the top of the ant farm, and the poor ants were sent crashing to the floor.  And of course, the ant farm busted open and the thing shattered and then there were ants crawling around on the living room floor.

Which doesn't sound like a big, scary deal, except that it was, because these are stinging ants and I was barefoot.  No, I didn't get stung, but I did make the rash decision in the moment that the best thing to do was to kill the ants.  All the ants.

Fortunately, we had already killed most of the ants just by having them.  Being observed is apparently hazardous to the ant's health.  They are like little stinging ninjas that prefer to remain unseen.  So out of the original 30 ants or so that we had this go round, there were only about 8 left alive.  And let's face it, they were doomed anyways.  They would have eventually died in their little ant habitat, so I didn't feel too bad about squishing them.  Especially when I considered that if I didn't kill them, they might run off somewhere, and then I would be living in fear that there was an ant lurking under the couch, waiting to sting my feet while I was watching tv or reading the kids a story.  Ninja ant attack!

And so I ended the ants.

Now, since I was the one who broke the ant farm, Lex thinks that I should replace it.  But he doesn't want another little ant farm.  He wants a much bigger one, one with an entire ant colony, including a queen ant, so that the ant population will be sustainable.

Maybe sometime.  But not today.  Today I am totally over the bugs.  And ninjas.  I don't want any of those around here today either.

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