Monday, May 30, 2016

The French Pastry Shop & Creperie

So this one time, we went to the French Pastry Shop & Creperie in order to eat crepes, mostly because I love crepes.  Who doesn't like crepes?  Well, Connor, for one.

While we were waiting for our very delicious food, Lex started taking photos of everything in the restaurant.  I deleted 427 photos he took of the painting on the wall by our table.  But, he did take some very good photos, too.  He's getting pretty good with the camera.



Connor ordered a French grilled cheese sandwich, without all the extra French stuff.  In the end, he got a baguette grilled with really great Swiss cheese.  It was delicious.




I ordered some chicken and spinach crepes with bechamel sauce.  They were fantastic.


Lex had crepes with Nutella, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.  He was in heaven.


Kevin got ratatouille crepes.  Very French.  Very tasty.



We liked this place so much that we ended up here again the very next day, so that Lex could order some macaroons, which he insisted on mispronouncing as ma-ca-rons, because that's how they say it on Pokemon.  These are things that I cannot argue against, because I just don't understand what. on. earth.


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