Saturday, June 18, 2016

In which we go to a baseball game to see a football stadium

While we were in California, we wanted to make sure that we got over to Oakland to see where the Raiders play.  But, since it is baseball season, the stadium is currently being used by the Oakland Athletics.  We decided to catch a game, and we had a wonderful time.


O.Co Coliseum is right next to Oracle Arena, so the Raiders, Athletics and Golden State Warriors all basically play in the same spot.




Daddy and the boys in front of O.Co Coliseum, home of the Raiders!



My turn for a photo with the boys.


The kids wanted Oakland A's ball caps.


This guy, Coco Crisp, was first up to bat, and he hit a home run to start the game!  Finally, baseball that was sort of exciting!  (I'm a lazy baseball fan.  I only go to sit in the sun and eat stadium food.  That's the American Pastime, right?)


Connor and Lex are totally supportive of my stadium food habit.  They also love hot dogs, nachos, snow cones, giant pretzels, cotton candy...

Oakland A's

Selfies in the sun...

Oakland A's

Oakland A's


Right.  We were here for the Raiders.  Or the A's.  It was a great afternoon either way.



And the home team won!!  Lex was thrilled.


Current Status of Connor's NFL Stadium Project:

18 Stadiums Down!  14 Remaining...

Which ones are left?  I've been asking myself the same thing...

(in no particular order)

1.  Denver Broncos
2.  New England Patriots
3.  Green Bay Packers (let's make sure we go there in the summer, right?)
4.  Minnesota Vikings (another summer trip)
5.  New York Jets
6.  New York Giants
7.  Buffalo Bills
8.  Baltimore Ravens
9.  New Orleans Saints
10.  Carolina Panthers
11.  Detroit Lions
12.  Miami Dolphins
13.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14.  Tennessee Titans

Also, the Rams.  We've been to their stadium in St. Louis.  Twice.  It really was the worst.  We couldn't go inside either time, and there wasn't even a team shop.  Well, their new stadium in Los Angeles will be complete in 2019...but I think since we already crossed them off the list they can stay crossed off the list?  Unless we end up in LA again.

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