Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pacifica Beach


So, this one time in California, we finally found a beach that was safe for swimming and surfing.


Of course, we weren't planning on finding it, and our wet suits and body boards were back at the hotel, about an hour away.


But it was so beautiful that we decided to spend some time on the beach anyways.


I simply explained to the kids that we didn't have any towels or extra clothes, so they shouldn't get anything but their feet wet.


Yeah, right.


Of course, we all saw what happened next coming.


My kids love the beach, and they aren't going to let something like the fact that there aren't any dry clothes or towels stop them from having fun and making mischief.

Fortunately, there was a smallish strip mall across the street from where we were, and I was able to go buy them beach towels and new outfits.

Spontaneous beach and shopping fun.  This is what vacations are about.

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