Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Stuff we did in Ohio that wasn't Pokemon

One of the reasons that we agreed to take the boys to Pokemon Nationals this year was because it was held in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

We were lucky enough to combine our Pokemon trip with time to visit family and friends.

I already mentioned that my friend Julie met us at the convention center, along with her daughters.  It was actually the first time I got to meet her youngest daughter in person, since the last time I saw Julie, she was pregnant with her.

Well, I also got to meet another little cutie pie in the flesh for the first time:


You know you've been gone too long when there are all sorts of adorable little girls to meet, and they really aren't babies anymore.  It had been almost exactly three years since we were last in Ohio.


Even though this is about the non-Pokemon portion of our trip, the Pokemon keep popping up everywhere.


What can I say?  The kids were knee-deep into Pokemon stuff all weekend long.  Connor even started to teach another future Pokemon trainer the ways of the trading card game.


I'd like to apologize to his parents in advance for all the cards he is going to ask them to buy if he really gets into the game.




All the kids participated in some backyard foot races organized by Papa Kirk.






Since we were travelling home so close to Connor's birthday, his grandparents opted not to mail his presents down to us in Texas, and to give them to him in person.  So, in this way, Connor's birthday was extended for another week.


Papa Kirk and Grandma Ella gifted him with a set of giant, inflatable boxing gloves.  Thanks a bunch, guys.  We'll be sending you the bill from the ER when the time comes.


Nana and Grandpa bought him a new Xbox One controller to be used with his new gaming computer.




And we got to go camping.  But not really.  It was actually the best (non)camping experience ever.


We arrived at Grandma Ella and Papa Kirk's campsite, where they already had everything all set up, and the fire was already built.


Then they gave the kids sparklers and poppers and provided us with everything we needed to make s'mores.


We stayed for a while and did all of our favorite camping things.  And then when we were done, we left again.  It was all the best parts of camping without any of the set up or clean up or sleeping at the campsite.  Which was just perfect for this time.



The kids really enjoyed it, and I expect that they will ask us to take them on a proper camping trip again, soon.

Also, we got to go to my favorite fireworks event:  Red, White and Boom!  I have always loved Red, White and Boom, and we didn't get to see it the past two years.


My mom brought us all sorts of glow-in-the-dark stuff to keep the kids occupied before the fireworks.  Their favorites were the little plastic American flags that looked just like battle axes, without even using a ton of imagination.  So, of course our little blanket turned into an epic war scene.  Thanks for that.  I will admit that they were totally occupied, though.  So much so, that Lex was upset when Connor was done playing with him because the fireworks had started.


I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, too!  

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