Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Game Room

There is no point in trying to fight it.  Our living room is now a full-blown Game Room.  It started when we rearranged the furniture to accommodate the new desktop gaming computer that we bought Connor for his birthday.

But then, this weekend, we bought a new LED sign that proclaims for all the world to see that this is a Game Room.

Actually, there is a good reason for the existence of this LED sign in our home.  You see, the boys will often be recording game play videos, and there is no clear indication for Kevin and I that we shouldn't barge into the room and start talking about what we want to eat for dinner, or other nonsense that would totally ruin their video.  So, we got them this sign, and they are to turn it on before they start recording, so that we know that we shouldn't interrupt.

Recording in the Game Room

Connor has really improved in his game play video making skills. He made a few new videos, edited them, and uploaded them all by himself.  See for yourselves:

So, to recap, if you see this sign flashing, shhh!  Be quiet!

Recording is in progress!

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