Friday, October 28, 2016

My Tiny Birthday Cake

Our grocery store started a new customer appreciation program last year, and when I signed up for it, I must have put that year's date for the birthday year for Lex's birthday, because this year, for his birthday, the grocery store offered me a free baby cake.  For his first birthday.  But never look a free baby cake in the mouth, right?

Well, I didn't think that the 5 inch cake was going to be big enough for Lex's party, so I just hung onto the certificate.

Too many candles

And so I gave the free baby cake certificate to my husband to use on my birthday, and then I didn't have to make my own cake.  Free tiny cake?  It's a win in my book.

Too many candles

Lex was in charge of the candles.  He picked these out and counted them.  He counted them again to make sure he had the exact correct number.

It looks like a lot of candles.

Too many candles

It looks like even more candles on a tiny cake.

Too many candles

Happy Birthday to me!

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