Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Top Secret: License to Spy

We went to our local science center to check out their new travelling exhibit, Top Secret: License to Spy.

It's a high tech spy exhibit, with lots of fun gadgets to test out.

There is even a mystery to solve.  Lex didn't use the paper guide at all, and he solved the mystery after about the third exhibit.  Connor played along even after he had figured it out, but he had cracked the case after the first few exhibits, too.  I think they would make good spies.

In fact, they even designed some spy disguises for use in all their sleuthing.

Top Secret

I have no idea who this guy could possibly be.

Top Secret

You can totally tell this is Lex because of the Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater. It's a dead giveaway.

Top Secret

Uncle Kevin and Nana tried out some disguises, too.  Can you tell who is who?

Top Secret

Another favorite exhibit was the laser maze, and there was also a voice changer.

Top Secret

Lex kept going back to play with the voice changer, pretty much between every other interesting exhibit.  It's what he was doing while Connor was going through the paper guide to solve the mystery, even though they had both figured out who the bad guys were.

Top Secret

Of particular note was an exhibit where you had to sit at a person's desk, and using the personal information they had on their desk, such as the calendar, photos and books, try to hack into their desktop computer password.  Connor tried it first, and he got the computer to open on the first try.  He claimed that the exhibit was broken, because there was no way it could have been so easy.  So, my brother sat down, and he tried it.  And he couldn't get it at all.  Connor really just did hack the password on his very first attempt!

We should send him to spy camp.  Or Vegas.  Or both.

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