Thursday, December 8, 2016

You Are Here

So, this past summer, just after we got home from our trip to San Francisco, which was too late to be truly awesome because I missed getting a San Francisco mug, I discovered the Starbucks You Are Here mugs.

These mugs are awesome.  They are adorable.  They are the perfect size for my caramel mocha.  They stack.  Did I mention that they are awesome?

So, I've been collecting mugs.  And my family was very kind and they brought me more mugs when they came to visit for Thanksgiving.  Kind, generous, accommodating of my demands for mugs, enabling my mug addition.  This is my family.

Anyways, I realized that all my mugs were clean at the same time the other afternoon, which is something of a dishwasher miracle, so I decided to take a photo.

You Are Here

A photo of my mugs.

I bought the Texas mug first.  Then, I bought Oklahoma, Ohio, Dallas and Michigan on trips.  My parents bought me the St. Louis and Indianapolis mugs on their way down to visit.  My brother bought me the Denver and Colorado mugs in an airport on his way to visit.  

There are more mugs, though.  Like that San Francisco mug I didn't buy when I was in San Francisco because I didn't know it existed yet.

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