Monday, April 24, 2017

Some family photos, so you don't forget what we look like.

Connor, age 9, sitting on a hay bale that appeared out of nowhere and disappeared again just as quickly, much to his chagrin, because he thought it was the perfect place to sit and ponder the meaning of life.

Kevin and I, photo by Lex

Lex, age 7, in black and white for some reason that I don't know
(Did you know our camera can take photos in black and white?)

Lex and I going to check out the desert bloom and prairie dogs near our house.  The flowers smelled amazing, and the prairie dogs are adorable and squeaky, as long as you stay far enough away not to get the bubonic plague.  Seriously.  That's still a thing, with prairie dogs.

And now, for a guest post by Lex:

Tik, age 2. He just got cut and his hair grew back quick and he LOVES kids. He's very friendly. He does bite. Why? you ask. Well, we accidentally can hurt him cause he's very small and loves being pet.


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