Thursday, April 20, 2017

Three Teeth in One Week!

Tonight when he was brushing his teeth before bed, Lex informed me that he had *another* lose tooth.  And then he must have gone to bed and spent the entire time that he was supposed to be falling asleep working on getting it out, because a while later, and much after his bedtime, he reappeared to inform us that he had lost his tooth!

3rd tooth in a week!

And here I thought he had been sleeping.

3rd tooth in a week!

This child has now lost three teeth in the span of one week.  Soon we will be referring to him as Toothless, like his favorite dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.

In semi-related news:  he has been considering having a How to Train Your Dragon birthday party in October for some time now.

Well, after posing for photos for me, on his way back to bed, Daddy asked him to show him his tooth for a few photos.  And somehow during this second photo shoot, Lex lost his tooth.

He was standing in the living room and he dropped it.  There aren't that many places it could go, I swear, but we could not find this tooth.  I think our house was built on some sort of tooth black hole or Indian tooth burial ground with mystical tooth disappearing powers.  So, Lex wrote a note to the tooth fairy, just like all the ones that Connor had to write a few years ago:

3rd tooth in a week!

Spoiler alert:  He only got $10.  This tooth fairy thinks $25 for a tooth is a little steep.  Especially at the rate that he seems to be losing them.

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