Wednesday, May 31, 2017

In which we didn't go to the United States Air Force Academy

We wanted to go and visit the United States Air Force Academy, which is located between Colorado Springs and Denver.  We checked the internet, and found that it would be open until a certain time, and we figured that we could go and spend about an hour there before it closed.

12th Anniversary Road Trip-152

Except, when we got there, they weren't letting any civilians onto the base.  I explained that we had wanted to go to the visitor center and the Cadet Chapel, but arguing your way onto a military base is a bad idea.

So, we only got to see a few things from the road outside the base.

12th Anniversary Road Trip-141

Like the football stadium

12th Anniversary Road Trip-156

and this Boeing B52 Stratofortress.

It would have been great to get into the Academy itself, but it just didn't work out.  Maybe next time?

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