Thursday, June 1, 2017

Downtown Denver

The next stop on our 12th Anniversary Road Trip Through Colorado was Denver.  Our hotel was Downtown, so that's where we explored first.

12th Anniversary Road Trip-206

12th Anniversary Road Trip-216

The Denver Press Club was right next to our hotel, and I thought it was a pretty interesting landmark.

Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver

We found an open air downtown mall within walking distance, and we went there for dinner. We ended up eating at the 5280 Burger Bar.  It was a hit!  Everyone loves burgers, and they had an outdoor seating area, so we were able to eat dinner with Tik.  In fact, he sat on the bench right between Kevin and I, and he ate all of our leftover burgers.  I think he ate his body weight in gourmet burgers.  Connor was really impressed with how dog-friendly Colorado was.

After dinner, we walked around the mall for a little while.  Lex found some escalators and mischief ensued:

Later that evening we were treated to a surprise fireworks display that we could see right from our hotel room.  At first, I told the kids that I had secretly planned the fireworks show as a present for Daddy for our anniversary, but they called shenanigans on me, and I had to admit that it was just a fabulous coincidence.  It reminded us all of the time that we went to Disneyland for anniversary two years ago, and watched the fireworks from our hotel room there.

And thus ended our 12th Anniversary, and the first day of our trip.

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